迦密聖道中學 Carmel Holy Word Secondary School
To celebrate the 20th birthday of our school, we are opening a writing competition for every one of you to talk about your campus life! 
Junior Form Champion - Chan Tsui Ling

What I Like Most about Carmel Holy Word Secondary School

Teachers are very important in a school. However, there aren't any other school's teachers like those in our school! Our school has a lot of teachers who are very, very nice!

I've been at this school for seven months and there have been a lot of new things for me. I like everything in this school! For example, the teachers, my classmates, the subjects and every moment I have here. But the best things are the teachers because the teachers are very nice. When we do something wrong they will point out our mistakes and help us to improve. They'll also encourage us to change, even if we are not interested in study. They will support us and help us find our potential. This year, our school slogan is, 'To dream the impossible dream. To reach the unreachable star!' It means our school supports us to have a dream and helps us to do something to fulfil our dream!

In this school, I also had an unforgettable memory. It was the Sports Days! Every Form 1 student needed to be a cheerleader. When the music started, the students danced together! It was great fun!

I like everything at Carmel Holy Word Secondary School!
Junior Form 2nd - Shum Lok Hoi

Good morning Principal, teachers, guests and schoolmates,

My name is Shum Lok Hei, Boris. I am in class 2C. Today, I am honoured to introduce the commencement of our school's 20th Anniversary Open Day. We have a series of performances and events for everyone.

First, we have some exhibitions and game booths on the ground and the second floor. All of the booths are run by schoolmates and teachers. You can get some lovely souvenirs like photo albums, stationary and files. You can also get some snacks like marshmallows and fish balls. There are also many games and if you win, you will be entered into a Lucky Draw!

Second, we have a variety show in the School Hall held by the dancing team and the Show Choir. We also have a book fair next to the Hall.

Finally, we have some exciting games like, 'School Rules Man' and 'VR in school'. They are open to everyone.

I hope everyone enjoys the Open Day. Thank you!
Junior Form 3rd - Sun Ying Yan
My New School

My new school is a wonderful place! It is called Carmel Holy Word Secondary School. It is in Tai Wo. There are many lovely people and good facilities on the campus.

First of all, many of the teachers are kind and selfless. They have a lot of patience in the classroom. When I have difficulties, they help me to solve the problems. My favourite teacher is Miss Wu. She is my English teacher. She is funny and always tells jokes in lessons. She is also caring. She taught me how to do homework when I was absent on the previous day. That was wonderful of her!

What's more, there are a lot of good facilities in our school. We have two basketball courts. At lunchtime, students can play basketball and volleyball. We also have a tuck shop. It sells many healthy snacks, like nuts and fruits. The food is cheap too!

There are many things that I like about my school. I will cherish my time here.

Junior Form Consolation - Sze Hoi Ting

Good morning guests, principals, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

I am Fiona Sze, the school representative of Carmel Holy Word Secondary School. Today, I'd like to welcome you all to our School Open Day and introduce the activities you can enjoy.

First, there are some students who will take you on a tour around the school. You can see the decorations around our school. For example, there are different murals on each floor. Also, there are many photos showcasing our school life on the walls as you go up the stairs. Please have a careful look at them.

Second, we have many game booths. You can get a little gift if you win a game. The gifts include some snacks, some cute pieces of stationary and a file with our school logo. I think you will like these gifts.

Finally, we have a lot of performances in the school playground. There are different kinds of shows. Our school Show Choir will also do a show on the stage. They sing very well.

With so many activities, I am sure you will have a lot of fun today! I hope you all enjoy our School Open Day. Thank you!
Junior Form Consolation - Szeto Nga Yin
My New Secondary School

I am now a secondary school student! My new secondary school is Carmel Holy Word Secondary School. It is in Tai Wo. I love this school very much. Let me tell you about it.

The school has many nice facilities. There is a science lab. It is on the fifth floor. Students can do experiments there. It is interesting! I think the science lab is also high-tech. There is also a well-equipped art room. It is on the second floor. We learn how to make small and cute decorations there. I like the art room very much! There are also two basketball courts. All the students play basketball there.

My school offers eleven subjects. My favourite subject is History. My History teacher is Mrs. Luk. She always tells us about past events. I think History is an interesting subject! I also love Music too. My Music teacher is Miss. Ho. We learn how to sing nice songs and how to use musical instruments. It is fun!

Also, I like my classmates because they always help me when I find my homework difficult. If I am sad, my classmates will comfort me, so I like them so much!

I think Carmel Holy Word Secondary School is a good school because of the teachers, classmates, facilities … everything is nice! I think I am lucky to study at this school!

Senior Form 2nd - Chui Hiu Laam

Dear Cherry and Mr. Mak,


As a student who is going to graduate from Carmel Holy Word Secondary School, I would like to express my gratitude to Cherry and Mr. Mak who have supported me through my secondary school life. 


Jet black hair, small nose, an adorable dimple … you are my best friend Cherry. You are a friendly girl with bright eyes. Your eyes shine when you smile. Being in the same class for three years, we hung around together every day but still, we loved to call each other after school. I always got a smile from you. I have become more optimistic because of you. Sharing happiness and sadness, we know each others’ secrets as well. I love the feeling of being with you. You wrote notes to encourage me after every examination. You understood me and listened to my problems. Thanks for spending time with me. It is hard to find words to express my gratitude. I want to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to thank Mr. Mak who is the most dependable teacher I have ever met. It was very kind of you to be my guide in my life and in my study. A teacher touches lives forever. You are very funny but strict sometimes. You made the lessons interesting and grabbed the attention of students. Your voice is soft but powerful, that is because of your confidence. 


Loving running and playing basketball, you are well-built and healthy. You have often helped me when I am in trouble and taught me how to deal with different kinds of problems. I value the insights and guidance you provided. I am proud to be one of your students.


Helped by both of you, I have developed a genuine passion for being a cheerful and considerate person. I do appreciate your constant encouragement. I will always be grateful to you for all your support and inspiration. Thank you. I will treasure you in my heart.


Yours sincerely,

Sausage Chiu


Senior Form 3rd - Chan Wing Yan

An unforgettable school event

Studying in this school for three and a half years, I have enjoyed different meaningful activities that have broadened my horizons. Thanks to those school activities, I am a richer person. Of all the events, the most unforgettable one for me was the singing competition. Let me talk about it.

The school holds the singing competition in December before the Christmas holiday. We felt excited and tense at first. When we were practising seriously, some students gave advice about actions as well as the different types of harmonies to make the performance better. I remember that the day before the competition, all the students stayed in the class and had a practice. 

Although we were tired and exhausted, we still wanted to make the performance extra special. We thought 'practise can make perfect'. Therefore, we did our best. In this event I learned to build better relationships with my classmates and realised that our class had people with different musical abilities. Also, after the competition I found that we had a better team spirit. I believe that collaboration and team spirit are key ingredients for a good class.

On that day, we were concerned about the singing competition but our class teacher said,'The process is more critical than the result, so enjoy the show!' At the end we got 'The best collaboration prize'. We won the most significant prize with our classmates. I was delighted with the result. In our real lives we will all have troubles, like failing in competitions, having various difficulties … you name it. But try and remind yourself the process is more important.

Someone once said, 'Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.' As a result, there are many kinds of opportunities out there for you … keep fighting! Remember what the Principal told us, 'Dream the impossible dream. Reach the unreachable star!' I hope we will all achieve our impossible dreams in the future!
Senior Form Consolation - Law Ching Laam

An unforgettable school event

I have been studying at Carmel Holy Word Secondary School for six years. I have had an unforgettable experience here.

When I was in Form 3, I had some emotional problems after the Form 2 examinations. During that time, I cried all the time at school. Whenever anyone tried to care for me, I would cry uncontrollably and I scared many people who didn’t know me. I needed to go to hospital to get over with my emotional problems. I had to stay there for 4 months. It was the darkest time I have ever experienced … but I overcame with help from my best friends and teachers.

Although I have solved my emotional problem, there was still another problem I needed to face. As a result of being in hospital for 4 months, I missed the opening of school and needed to repeat my Form 4 year. It was a difficult time for me because I care about the relationship between myself and my classmates very much. I had to restart my school life and get along with new classmates. Luckily, I met some good people in my new class and they accepted me. Also, our teachers are very kind and considerate. They knew about my difficulties and helped me.

I am thankful that I can study in this school and meet many people that I admire. I will treasure these friendships for the rest of my life.
Senior Form Consolation - Ng Wan Tik

Dear Miss Chau and Mr. Lam,

March 21st was Form 6 student’s last school day at Carmel Holy Word Secondary School. It’s amazing to think that six years have passed in a blink of an eye! In this letter I want to express my appreciation to my class teachers, Miss Chau and Mr. Lam.

Miss Chau, if I had not had you as my English teacher during my time in secondary school, I probably wouldn’t be writing this letter. You made an incredible difference to my attitude to studying. I still remember in Form 4, you became my new English and class teacher. You told me English was important and that, wherever we go in life we will need English. Also, your encouragement and persistence in my senior years taught me to persevere and to ‘Never give up!’ These virtues were valuable gifts from you to me.

Mr. Lam, I always remember you as a strict teacher because in the junior years, I always heard you scold students. In fact, at that time I was terrified of you! To my surprise though, during my senior years I found you to be a humorous and patient person. Do you remember playing football with me? We talked about my classmates and even engaged in teacher gossips! I think of you not only as our teacher, but as life coach and even as my best friend!

Finally, thank you for creating an enthusiastic environment for learning. I hope I have gained the knowledge you taught and will get a satisfying grade in the DSE!